Christopher Shordon

Christopher Shordon, Owner, PADI Instructor #163124 – Certified in July of 1993, Chris has over 2500 logged scuba dives off the California coast from Monterey to Baja, Mexico. Chris has been teaching and guiding scuba divers in the La Jolla Marine Reserve since 1998 and has certified hundreds of happy scuba divers.

Patrick Crockett

Patrick Crockett, PADI Instructor #339070 – Patrick started diving in the Florida Keys in 2001. He has dove in the Dominican Republic, Bali, Thailand, Lombok, Hawaii, and California with over 700 logged dives.

Tiffany Poon

Tiffany Poon, PADI Divemaster #366542 – Tiffany was certified in 1995 at Pennsylvania quarry before moving to our Northeast Pacific coast and has logged over 750 dives from Baja California to Canada. She is a scientist and avid underwater photographer.

Jack Der

Jack Der, PADI Divemaster #357008 – Jack was certified in 2013 and has over 650 logged dives in Southern California, Florida, and Mexican waters. Jack is also a TDI tech and side mount cave diver.

Allison Cahill

Allison Cahill, PADI Divemaster #379810 – Allison was certified in early 2016, has over 100 logged dives in the Gulf of Mexico, and has recently added La Jolla to her diving experience. She especially favors deep and drift dives!

Victoria Ceron-Dragon

Victoria Ceron-Dragon, PADI Instructor #379820 – With over 1000 logged dives in Mexico, Galapagos, Honduras, and California, Victoria is active in ocean conservation and shark conservation awareness.

Matthias Scheer

Matthias Scheer, PADI Instructor #295473 –  Matthias was certified way back in the 20th century and has over 1000 logged dives in the Caribbean, Panama, and off California. He has a bachelor of science in Marine Biology from UCSD and an AAUS scientific diver certification. Matthias is also an avid underwater photographer.