Christopher Shordon

Christopher Shordon, Owner, PADI Instructor #163124 – Certified in July of 1993, Chris has over 2500 logged scuba dives off the California coast from Monterey to Baja, Mexico. Chris has been teaching and guiding scuba divers in the La Jolla Marine Reserve since 1998 and has certified hundreds of happy scuba divers.

Patrick Crockett

Patrick Crockett, PADI Instructor #339070 – Patrick started diving in the Florida Keys in 2001. He has dove in the Dominican Republic, Bali, Thailand, Lombok, Hawaii, and California with over 700 logged dives.

Tiffany Poon

Tiffany Poon, PADI Instructor #366542 – Tiffany was certified in 1995 at Pennsylvania quarry before moving to our Northeast Pacific coast and has logged over 950 dives from Baja California to Canada. She is a scientist and avid underwater photographer.

Jack Der

Jack Der, PADI Divemaster #357008 – Jack was certified in 2013 and has over 850 logged dives in Southern California, Florida, and Mexican waters. Jack is also a TDI tec and side mount cave diver.

Lando Pasimio, Instructor #373033 – Lando has been scuba diving for 20 years and has logged over 400 dives throughout North America and the Caribbean. Lando is also a naval ship design specialist.

Melanie McComsey, PADI Dive master #417209 – Melanie learned to dive in California waters in 2016. Since, then, she has caught the diving bug and has dived in Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, and Spain. Her favorite critters are La Jolla’s resident octopuses.

Allie D. Sifrit, PADI Divemaster #371043 – Allie was certified in 2012 in Hawaii and has also been diving in the Philippines, Indonesia, US Virgin Islands, Pensacola, Florida, Cozumel, and the Georgia Aquarium. Allie is a marine biologist and is excited to be diving the California coast.

Bryan Woodgate, NASE Divemaster #16206 – Bryan was certified back in 2010 on the east coast in a quarry. He has helped teach open water for 3 years in West Virginia, where he got introduced into cave diving. He is a full cave diver with experience in sidemount, stage diving and decompression diving.

Connor Neill, PADI Divemaster #423453 – Connor was first certified in a quarry in Northern Minnesota, and has logged over 300 dives in Honduras, Mexico, Hawaii, Greece, and California. Connor is a fish biologist and enjoys watching the marine wildlife.

Dillon Dolinar, PADI Instructor #435029 – Dillon has spent the last five years in Southern California where he attended San Diego State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis in zoology. He became a scuba instructor roughly two years after discovering his passion for diving. Throughout his diving career, he worked abroad in South Africa studying Great White Shark behavior and in Honduras studying the diet of invasive Lionfish. However, most of his time in the ocean has taken place in Southern California waters ranging from Catalina Island to San Diego, which is where he feels the most at home. He also works with Reef Check, a non-profit that helps train citizen scientists in underwater data collection.